Latest Updates, Improvements & Fixes

10th January, 2024

Updates Log

- Faster summarization system

- Faster response times due to upgraded servers.

- Changes to the UI to improve user experience

- Benchmarked and improved response accuracy based on the results.

- Improved response formatting to make them easier to read

- Added support for chatting in multiple languages

- New mobile app (under construction)

- Support for Epubs and a wider variety of web articles

- Share chats and ability to download them as PDFs

- Support for Podcasts (RSS Feed)

Contact Us Form added

9th April, 2024

Contact Us Form added

We have finally added the contact us form to make it easier for you to reach out to us.

Support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

29th April, 2024

Support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We have added support for OCR to allow you to extract text from non machine readable PDF documents.