What are we?


Hey friends, ever thought your PDFs could talk back? Well, now they do! Our app transforms your static PDFs into dynamic conversations. From serious, complex reports to those novels you never finished, we're reinventing the way you interact with any type of document.

Our Mission

Yes, we like technology, but our main motivation comes from giving back to Planet Earth. We donate monthly to charities doing amazing protection and restoration work through our charity earth.fm

The Tech

We've been hard at work creating a complex tool that doesn't just read your PDFs but understands them. It's like having a personal librarian who's also a tech guru. A powerhouse for research and study, offering swift, smart insights into your documents, essays, books, even YouTube videos!

The Team

Cata, Rishi and Theo met online in early 2023, and immediately connected through their passion for technology and ethics. They’re quietly building a little corner of the web that is contributing to the wellbeing of researchers and students around the world, and at the same time supporting our planet.

Join Us

We are very much looking forward to learning and growing based on your feedback and ideas! Whether you’re interested to join our community or want to ask a question about our project, please email us on [email protected]

Rights Reserved

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